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Antelope Valley Horseman's Directory

Farms, Trainers, Breeders, Services, Clubs, Feed Stores, Tack Shops, Horse Shoers, Hauling and More! Files Feed & Tack Stores Blog

Everything Equine In The Antelope Valley!


Antelope Valley Horse Ranch      E-MAIL   
(661) 824-1543 Mojave

Balanced Riding         E-MAIL   WEBSITE
Dressage Training and Instruction. USDF Silver Medalist,
USDF L judge. All breeds and all levels welcome.
(661)618-8753    Littlerock and Agua Dulce

Bill Cameron Training      E-MAIL   WEB SITE
Private Lessons, Clinics, Showing, Sales, & Breeding.
(661) 350-6577 Rosamond

Bit-O-Honey Farm      E-MAIL    WEB SITE
Palomino & PB Arabians, sales, stallion.
(661) 945-8910 Lancaster

Broken Nose Ranch      E-MAIL
Lighted arena & round pens - one covered, stalls, training, lessons.
(661) 273-0698 Palmdale

Carpe Diem Farm Hackneys & Sport Horses  E-MAIL  WEB SITE
Training, lessons, clinics - minis to drafts, singles to multiples
(661) 722-2010 Lancaster

Crescent Moon Ranch & Stables      E-MAIL    WEB SITE
Boarding-Training-Lessons, Specializing in Beginner - Intermediate
(661) 256-2349 Rosamond

Diana Rutledge Training  
(661) 945-7593 Lancaster

Fly'n CJ Ranch     E-MAIL    WEB SITE

Clean, private facility with room to share space with a few boarders.
(661) 256-1344 Rosamond

JB Cattle Company & Jeremy Dunn E-MAIL  WEB SITE
Colt starting and training. Foundation Quarter Horses
(661) 332-7249 Rosamond

Judy Fudge Quarter Horses
(661) 942-7665 Lancaster

Kickin' K Ranch     E-MAIL    WEB SITE
Boarding, Training & Lessons. Dressage, Western, Jumping.
(661) 256-8061 Rosamond

Kimberly Dwight     E-MAIL    WEB SITE

Boarding at private residence, trails, roundpen, large corrals.
661-266-8630 SE Palmdale Hills

Laura Proepper-Berg     E-MAIL    WEB SITE
Professional dressage training for all levels and breeds
661-992-4797 California City

Leona Valley Riding Center     E-MAIL    WEB SITE

Boarding, Training, Riding Lessons, English, Western,
Dressage, Endurance. Miles of trails 10 minutes from Palmdale.
661-270-1135 Leona Valley

Magic Charm Arabians
(661) 269-8023 Acton

Pet Kiss Ranch  E-MAIL    WEB SITE
"Specializing in gentle horses"
661-718-1167  Palmdale

Pursley Ranch  E-MAIL    WEB SITE
Registered Quarter Horses. Sales, Boarding, Training
661-947-0450  Palmdale

Rancho Encanto Amor     E-MAIL    WEB SITE
Reg. Tenn.Walkers, Paso Fino, Pinto, Spanish Arabian Equines.
661-269-1538 Acton

Wishing Star Ranch E-MAIL    WEB SITE
Natural horsemanship-boarding-lessons-training, miles of trails.
(661)618-5646 (661)349-5292 Rosamond

Shamrock "T" Ranch     E-MAIL    WEB SITE
661-268-0422 Agua Dulce

APHA Black Tobiano Stallion at Stud
Boarding* Training* Lessons* Sales Sky Stables
(661) 533-5028 Palmdale

Sommer Ranch Andalusians      E-MAIL    WEB SITE
Your Complete Breeding and Andalusian Sales Center
(661) 269-4614 Acton

Starlit Prairie Ranch - Donna M. Liebig      E-MAIL   
Pet Care
661 944-6880 Littlerock

Summertime Farm     WEB SITE
Pinto Saddlebreds, Hackney Ponies
661-256-1716 Rosamond

Sweetwater Ranch
661) 946-1031 Lancaster

Top Flight Farm     EMAIL    WEBSITE
Dressage, Jumpers and Eventing
Rosamond & Agua Dulce

Vista del Lago Andalusians     E-MAIL    WEB SITE
Pure Spanish Andalusians
661-724-1522 Lake Elizabeth

Whiskey Hill Ranch
661) 267-6286 Littlerock

Windsong Ranch - Melody Ward      E-MAIL
Sales, boarding, training. Gaited breeds & Arabians.
661-724-0572 Lancaster


All American Fence Erectors
(760) 868-8288 4731 Phelan Rd Phelan

Billet Barn & Corrals     WEB SITE
(661) 945-1249 48430 85th St W Lancaster

Brett Round Grading
(818) 253-7349  Santa Clarita

California Quarry Products
(661) 942-3992 42057 3rd St E Lancaster

Champion Barns Corrals
(661) 947-8121 Palmdale

Golden West Trailer Sales
(661) 269-5012 1686 Sierra Hwy Acton

J C Fence Corrals
(661) 269-2326 Acton

Chuck Blattenberger Pipe Corrals & Horse Stalls
(661) 269-5443 Acton

Phelan Veterinary Supply
(760) 868-2550 3936 Phelan Rd # B11 Phelan


Apple Valley Livestock Auction
23722 Yucca Loma Rd.
760-868-1623 Apple Valley

AV Tack Cleaning Services      E-MAIL   
Tack Cleaning - Reconditioning - Servicing
661-824-1543 Antelope Valley

Brandie Gedang     E-MAIL   
Stable Hand/Horse exerciser. No job too big or too small.
818- 857-7433 Palmdale

Barn Brat Signworks     E-MAIL    WEB SITE
Custom Horse/Ranch/Stall Signs and Vinyl Decals
661- 305-3579 Palmdale

Davis Horseshoeing     E-MAIL     WEB SITE
Samuel Davis - Professional Farrier
(661)824-3554 Mojave

Horse Jammies Laundry & Repair
661) 821-2290 Tehachapi

Impressions In Thread     E-MAIL     WEB SITE
Quality Digitizing, Embroidery & Screen Printing
(661)269-0458 Acton

Mark's Backhoe & Equipment Services
661-256-4540 or 661-435-0419 Rosamond

Victor Penner     E-MAIL    WEB SITE
Natural horse-man-ship training and teaching
661-723-2978 Lancaster

Sue Craft PhotographyEMAIL    WEBSITE

Equine Photography, Ranch calls, Horse shows
(661)273-7257 Palmdale

Ted Petit Photography      E-MAIL    WEB SITE
Events. Ranch calls. Call us to support your org.'s event.
661-949-9898 Lancaster

Tehachapi Equine Services      E-MAIL   
Farrier Service, Chiropractic Care, Boarding, Horsesitting
661-822-7884 Tehachapi

Gary Swartzbaugh     E-MAIL   
EMT services for Show's & Events
661-824-1543 Mojave

Wanda Swartzbaugh     E-MAIL   
Riding, Jumping Lessons, Beginners of any age welcome
661-824-1543 Mojave

Jerry Todd      E-MAIL   
Horse shoeing (Certified by B.W.F.A)
661-400-7818 Lancaster

Antelope Valley Horse Lists

Offered to Southern California Antelope Valley horse, pony and mule owners, barn companies, farriers, trainers, show managers, stall cleaners, hay growers, horse haulers and horse whisperer's! Please feel free to post horses for sale, club meetings, show and trail ride dates, tack and feed store sales, want ads, horse property for sale or rent, any "family friendly" equine posting. Horse owners, business, clubs and community groups welcome! Please include your AV town when joining!

If it relates to a horse - tell the valley about it here!!!!


Acton Rangers Gymkhana      WEB SITE
Contact Captain Cal Oglesby
(661) 269-5854 Acton

Antelope Valley Desert Riders      E-MAIL    WEB SITE
Monthly CGA gymkhanas and arena rentals.
(661) 944-6133 Palmdale

Bear Valley Springs Assn
(661) 821-3960 Tehachapi

Blue Shadows Mounted Drill Team      E-MAIL    WEB SITE
Youth org. for ages 9-16, parades, shows, drill competition, activities.
661-268-0324 Agua Dulce

California Desperado Mounted Shooters  E-MAIL    WEB SITE
Located in Acton and practice at the Vincent Hill Arena monthly.
661-538-9826 Acton

California Paso Fino Horse
(661) 269-5000 Acton

Equestrian Trails, Inc    E-MAIL    WEB SITE
Kimberly Dwight, Palmdale
818-362-6819 Sylmar

ETI Corral 86, Acton-Agua Dulce
Contact:Trisha Hawker
(661) 269-5320 Acton-Agua Dulce

Hi-Desert Horsemen's Association    E-MAIL     WEBSITE
Open Horse Show-English, Western and Reining
(661)9436132 Lancaster

High Desert Pony Club      E-MAIL   
Horse Crazy Kids with or without Horses
661-824-1543 Antelope Valley

Lake Los Angeles Trail Riders      E-MAIL   
Family group that does local and away rides, Trials, Playdays, BBQ's,
community events.

(661) 264-4155 Steve Citron
P.O. Box 500103 Lake Los Angeles, CA. 93591

Southern Kern Roping & Riding Club    (Rosamond High School Arena)
Team penning Friday nights, 6:30pm, beginners welcome.
(661) 917-9653 Lisa

Serving All Horsemen In the Antelope Valley!

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